Our mission

We promote initiatives

that empower children and young people

as agents of change

for sustainable development.

There are many things we can do to face climate change and move towards sustainable development, but there is one that we cannot stop doing: This is to stir in children and young people the ability to value life and generate wellbeing for themselves, others and nature. Inclusion and participation of children and young people is essential because during this stage of the human development we form our values and attitudes for life and nature.

ANIA is a non-profit association founded in Peru in 1995 which promotes initiatives that inspire, constructs healthy spaces, guides and gives recognition to children and young people so they can become “agents of change for sustainable development”. Considering as agents of change people who with their vision, example and spirit transcend the established, achieving changes in favor of their environment and inspire others to live purposely co-creating a united and fair world. Everybody can become an agent of change, the earlier in age we become one, the greater our contribution to the world.

Our initiatives

Children's Land

Is a portion of land that is handed over to children and young people in their home, school and/or community where they can nurture life and contribute to themselves, others and nature.

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Children's Nature Forever

A land trust fund that looks into preserving natural areas close to schools allowing the children to manage them sustainably.

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A platform in Peru that identifies and strengthens groups led by children and young people that have for mission taking care of the environment.

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A home that takes actions to protect the environment.

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Tools for recognizing a person of any age that takes positive actions in favor of the environment.

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The world of Ania and Kin

A multi-platform initiative created to inspire children to become agents of change for sustainable development.

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Join us

If you are interested in promoting some of these initiatives, join us as an individual, family member, an educational institution, company, community based organizations or governmental and non-governmental organization.


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