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Children’s Land

It is a piece of land that can be from half square meter that is given to children and young people so they can nourish the life and biodiversity generating wellbeing for themselves, others and nature. A TiNi can be implemented at home, school, community and any type of l ecosystems.

TiNi methodology has been adopted by the Ministry of Education of Peru and has been applied in public schools of the country as a good practice of education for sustainable development. At the same time, with the support of the private sector, TiNi methodology has been implemented in more than 50% of the regions of Peru and in 10 countries around the world.

Download  TiNi  methodology
Download the TiNi surveys Methodology

To this end, we have the following tools:

  • TiNi Kit.
  • TiNi Manuals and guides.
  • “Nature Greatest Treasure “Storybook and a reading comprehension sheet.
  • TiNi Promotion Centers
  • Training workshops.

Children’s Nature Forever

This initiative seeks to preserve natural areas close to educational institutors or population centers for its sustainable management with the participation of children and youth.

To this end we have the following tools:

  • TiNi Fund: This fund will be managed by ANIA and allows receiving donations of land or money to purchase them in areas adjacent to educational institutors or population centers where there are children. The goal, to the extent that the land fund increases, is to turn it into a land trust for children.
  • Monumental trees: The Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA) and the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP) are creating a new legal tool to protect natural monuments including the special and millenary trees. Many of these trees are at risk of being cut down and others are invisible to our eyes and are abandoned in garbage dumps or parking lots. Our goal is to give them value and protect them with the support of children and young people.
  • TiNi Legal Guide: In association with Conservamos por Naturaleza and the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA) a second version of the “TiNi Legal Guide” will be published with the existing legal tools which allow preserving natural areas on private and public lands at long-term for their sustainable management with children and young people.

If you are interested in donating land or support us in the preservation of a natural area (including a grandfather or grandmother tree) near educational institutions or population center, write us to info@aniaorg.pe

NiNJA: Niñas, Niños y Jóvenes por el ambiente (Children and Young People taking care of the Environment)

The objective of this initiative is to identify, strengthen and bring together groups led by children and young people in all regions of Peru, whose mission is to take care of and improve the environment. We aim to identify at least one group in each province of Peru.

To this end, we have the following tools:

  • NiNJA Web: It is a virtual platform that allows locating groups led by children and young people and thus visualizing their projects in order to make links with those who want to support them. Further details on somosninja.com

If you know a group of children and young people who perform actions in favor of environment in Peru or if you wish to support their initiatives, write us to info@aniaorg.pe


The objective of the initiative is to promote good environmental practices at home with the protagonist participation of children and young people. For example: segregation of solid waste, creation of green areas, saving energy and water, sustainable transport, responsible pet ownership, use of cloth bags, among others.To this end we have the following tools:

  • EcoHome Kit: for its direct application by the interested families or educational institutions as a pedagogical resource.
  • EcoHome Kit: for its application by a company as an indicator of social responsibility with its employees. In addition, we are working with the Municipality in Lima for “EcoHome” to become a new indicator of sustainable city and can be replicated in other districts nationwide and worldwide.

If you are interested in creating or promoting EcoHomes, write us to info@aniorg.pe

PAA: Environmental Active Population

This initiative seeks to create a new sustainable development index to measure and assess the contribution in environmental matters of people of all ages to the wellbeing of their community, district and country.To this end, we have the following tools:

  • PAA Ordinance: It is an ordinance format for municipalities that allows assessing and recognizing the contribution of people under 18 years old in the sustainable development of the district through specific actions in favor of the environment in public and private areas (Download here the PAA Ordinance).
  • PAA Stories: They are stories of environmentally active people in various formats to be disseminated by the media.
  • Extra Note to the voluntary environmental entrepreneurship: It is an “extra” note given to elementary and high school students who voluntarily contribute to the environment from their home, educational institution and/or community. The extra note is incorporated into the transcript (See example here).
  • CVerde / CVida Sostenible: It is a document where the actions carried out by children and young people in favor of the environment at home, educational institution and community are recorded.

If you are interested in promoting the ordinance (local governments), Extra note and CVerde / CVidaSostenible (educational institutions) or be informed about a PAA, write us to info@aniaorg.pe

The world of Ania and Kin

The characters Ania and Kin seek with their stories to inspire children to become agents of change by adopting values and practices in favor of life and nature in their home, educational institution and/or community.After many years of work, in 2015 we made an alliance with Grupo El Comercio (GEC) to promote Ania and Kin nationwide and worldwide. The goal is that a global entertainment company associates with the GEC and the stories of Ania and Kin have an impact worldwide.

To this end, we have the following tools:

  • “The Nature Greatest Treasure” storybook: it inspires children to create TiNi.
  • “A Special Refuge” storybook: it inspires children to take care of animals.
  • “The community of Meshi” storybook: it inspires children to take care of the trees.
  • Ania and Kin puff toys.
  • Animations: Watch in youtube “The world of Ania and Kin”

If you are interested in using stories to promote TiNi and/or care of the animals and/or trees, write us to info@aniaorg.pe


“The Garden and I” is now available!

A special refuge

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