How you can join us

Be our ally helping children and young people become change agents for sustainable development. For that, we offer different services and products. You can participate as an individual, member of an educational institution, company, community base organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations and cooperation sources.

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Support one or several of the groups of children and young people in favor of the environment in Peru.

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Buy the kit, Receive talks, Request advice.

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Get trained, Buy the kit, Visit a TiNi, Receive talks, Request advice.

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Download ordinances, Request advice.

Donate land

Remember that it must be near an educational institution or community where children live..

Donate resources

Provide support with economic, technical, human or material resources.

Be a volunteer

Support our initiatives from wherever you are.

Buy our products:

Educational materials, accessories, gifts, etc.

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“The Garden and I” is now available!

A special refuge

Training course in the TiNi methodology

Alliance with Air Association!

Joaquín Leguía recibes Premio Nôus

New alliance with Minedu!