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Guide for teachers on how to apply the methodology TiNi

Guide designed for teachers to implement the TiNi methodology in educational institutions and in the process institutionalize environmental education for sustainable development in their educational institutions.

S/. 30 / USD 9.6
  • 1 magnetized sheed
  • 1 stickers sheet
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 ecohome flag
  • 1 ecohome sticker
S/. 30 / USD 9.3
Children´s Lan Kit
  • Story ” Great Treasure of Nature”
  • Sheets reading comprehension
  • Story Guide How to Make a Children´s Land
  • Institutional DVD
  • Ania doll
  • Kin doll
S/. 140 / USD 41.8
Story The Great Treasure of Nature

It is a story that chronicles the adventures of Ania and Kin and introduces all the characters .

S/. 35 / USD 11
Book “A special refuge”

Ania and Kin One has new Mission Discover the new mission you have to fulfill while making soles friends!

S/. 35 / USD 11
Book “The garden and I”

Tale that tells the story of a magical garden.

S/. 35 / USD 11
Story guide Children´s Land

It is a story format guide describing how to make a Children´s Land.

S/. 20 / USD 6.1
Manuals Children’s Land Vol.2

They are two manuals that explain how to start and implement a Children´s Land in a home, school or community.

S/. 30 / USD 9.5
Manuals Children’s Land Vol. 1

They are two manuals that explain how to start and implement a Children´s Land in a home, school or community.

S/. 60 / USD 19.99
Piggy bank for sustainable development

It is a piggy developed with three entrances to me, to others and to the nature, purpose is to generate values ​​and attitudes of social and environmental responsibility in children and adolescents through savings , including lock.

S/. 25 / USD 8
Children´s Land EcoHome Pocket Guide

Is a guide showing how to make a TiNi in six steps and provides information about 50 species of plants and animals of Lima and Callao. There is also a version of Chavin , Ica .

S/. 10 / USD 3.2
TiNi kit for schools
  • Story “Great Treasure of Nature
  • Reading Comprehension Chips
  • Guide Tale of How to Make a Tini
  • A guide for teachers on how to apply the TiNi methodology
  • Manual TiNi Volume I and II
  • Ecohogar pocket guide
  • Institutional DVDs
  • Ania Doll
  • Kin doll
S/. 210 / USD 62.6
Ania DVD

A disk containing all the information to apply the methodology . Including an audio story , animations , videos , PDF manuals and publications.

S/. 10 / USD 3.2
Earth Week

A symbol to remember the basics you need to do to improve the environment. It comes in two formats and magnetized sticker .


S/. 5 / USD 1.6
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A special refuge

Training course in the TiNi methodology

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